Are grizzly bears dangerous?

Do grizzly bears eat people?

Cubs, cubs and more bear cubs!

Paula and her grizzly cub Racer

Viewing grizzly bears in Alaska

Stop bear hunting in Katmai Preserve

All about grizzly bear nursing

King the peaceful grizzly bear giant

Whisper the white wolf

Grizzly bear mothers Queen & Carol is a place to learn about the intelligence and individuality of grizzly bears. The grizzly bear photos, videos and bear stories on this website are about grizzly bears (also called brown bears) living in Katmai National Park, Alaska. Read interesting facts about grizzly bear behavior, brown bear anatomy, grizzly bear viewing in Alaska and brown bear intelligence in our learn about grizzly bears section. Our grizzly bear journal chronicles our time spent camping with brown bears in Katmai National Park.

By using our website we hope you get to know the true grizzly bear and help us protect grizzly bears from the threats of global warming, sport hunting, predator control, bear poaching, and habitat destruction.   CHECK OUT OUR GRIZZLY BEAR BLOG!


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