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Stop Bear Hunting in Katmai Preserve

While there is no hunting in Katmai National Park, if bears wander outside of the park boundaries they can be shot.  Attached to every National Park in Alaska, is a “preserve” where hunting is allowed.  This fall, habituated bears in Katmai Preserve were hunted.  Journalists captured this slaughter on film, and it caused quite an uproar in Alaska. Read the news story here.



Despite the outpouring of protest to the hunting of bears in the Katmai Preserve, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and the Board of Game have yet to close hunting in the preserve.  Even the majority of sport hunters in Alaska oppose the shooting of habituated bears, yet Palin and officials choose to ignore even them.  The Alaskan government has such a vested interest in maintaining sport hunting, and destroying the bear viewing industry that generates millions of dollars a year for the state.  It makes you wonder what kind of pay off they are getting to ignore the wishes of the majority of Alaskans in regards to this issue.


Tell them that you oppose bear hunting in Katmai Preserve!


Contact Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin

Contact Alaska Fish and Game